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Welcome to Our World
At AD Central Media we understand the power of advertising to ensure a successful business. This makes us passionate about buying the best possible priced advertising space for our clients. These savings are passed directly onto you, our customer. Inevitably cheaper advertising space can mean an increase in advertising coverage which will lead to more sales and revenue, the primary aim. With AD Central Media we are in it for the long term, client satisfaction is our main goal. Consequently, if you are successful in your campaigns and content with our service, then we are happy too.

Cost Efficiency
Cost is everything. AD Central Media are proactive in reducing the cost of each campaign – analysing prices, reviewing them as required and creatively working with our clients to deliver high quality campaigns which won't break the bank. In fact you will be surprised by how much you save when you switch to us. Advertising is a necessary expenditure for all successful businesses but working with us we will ensure the expenditure is kept to a minimum and any resources that you save can be ploughed back into your core business and consequent development.

Media Planning
Advertising is a very specialist area where, if not driven properly, can be needlessly costly. At AD Central Media we support our clients with bespoke media plans which focus on you making the money not everyone else! We have a very simple view on this:

Great Media Planning + Cost Efficiency = Happy Clients who will continue their advertising with us!

  • Explore your company, its products and services
  • Discuss your media experience to date and the success you have had.
  • Receive dedicated support from your account manager
  • Have an open and transparent discussion about cost, budget and your short and long term plans.
  • In consultation with you formulate a media buying plan to meet your individual requirements.
  • Reassure you that you will be looked after by our expert account managers with wide and varied media experiences

Efficient media buying service
Time is of the essence! Efficiency is crucial! Your worrying is not an option!

AD Central Media have been on both sides of the advertising fence. We have suffered many frustrations and experienced inefficient services from people promising the world and not delivering. This was out inspiration. To ensure that our clients do have to endure these mistakes, take the pain out of campaigns and track the success of each and every campaign to ensure your money is well spent. With Ad-Central Media you will:

  • Receive up to date media schedules every single week
  • Receive voucher copies every week single week
  • Receive dedicated support from your account manager
  • Receive up to date 'late space' deals
  • Organized and professional approach to your advertising campaigns
  • Clear and concise invoices and statements

Your advertising journey is extremely important to us. If you do decide to embark on it with us then we will promise you that you will be looked after, supported by people who have a genuine desire to see your business grow and importantly for our own satisfaction know we will have played an important part in it.
For more information on media buying please contact Sarah Jones on 0843 308 6332

Media Buying Contact:
Sarah Jones
E-mail- sarah@adcentral-media.co.uk
Tele- 0843 308 6332
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